Graduation - Fast Track to University

Many students register in self-directed online grade 9 -12 courses, however, the completion rate for students taking independent full-time online courses is very low. The Blended Learning approach has proven to be very successful, as the students have the combination of video lessons that they can review as often as they need to, questions that they can practise over and over again until they understand them completely, and a teacher they can meet with daily to answer any questions and clarify explanations. 


Fast Track students will register for 2 courses at a time with Ontario Northern Pre-University, whose teachers will score the homework and evaluate the students' progress.  They will also meet for 45 minutes in the mornings and afternoons with International Online Academy teachers, who will assist with planning, pacing, and further explanations of the concepts taught in the videos.


We offer this option for $1800 per course, and most students will complete 7-8 courses over 40 weeks. Compare this to other private schools that charge from $20,000 to $40,000 for the same services!


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