International Online Academy


International Online Academy is not just another online tutoring company!


We are a group of experienced, dedicated homeschool specialists, committed to supporting diversity in educational experience and choice. 

Whether your learning takes place in your living room in North America, in a co-op in Central America , or on a yacht in the Pacific Ocean,
we have the kind of support you need

If your situation requires plans and reports, we can provide those for you, and adapt them to local requirements.

We have been delivering homeschool support to families since 1998 and can easily adapt our programs to your child.
Those with learning disabilities, neurological diversities or gifted learning styles will find our teachers supportive and understanding. 

Which program works best for you?

À-la-carte options

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About this package:

This program is perfect for those who need additional support in one or more subjects, or who are seeking add-ons to basic academic choices.


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About this package:

This program provides a structured, organized learning plan, reports and weekly online classes while allowing for individual flexibility and preferences.

It works well for “almost unschoolers”  as well as “school-at-home” learning styles.

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Super Hero Kids

Become a
Homeschool Provider!

Are you interested in working as a homeschool provider and creating your own Learning Pod?

A portion of Learning Pod fees can be refunded to parents as tax credits, making this very cost efficient for parents, while providing you a stay-at-home income.

International Online Academy has a few openings
for in-home homeschool providers.

We will supply the training, learning plans,
reports, portfolios, and evaluations.

You only need to provide the home and the students.

For curriculum, you can choose to work with any of our 4 Support Packages: 

  • Complete Package

  • Individual "à-la-carte" option

  • All-in-One

  • Independent Program

Limited training places available.
Contact us for details.




We are always honoured when we receive feedback from parents.

“Just completed our phone call with our rep and thanks to QOS everything went very well.
Our girls were able to speak freely and naturally about their positive experiences and progress.
The rep was very impressed and so glad to know that we were able to answer all her questions and to confirm that our girls are learning and progressing as they should this year.
Hooray, it’s over! Lol
Thanks so so much to International Online Academy for running such a tight ship and supporting us in every way.”

mother of a grade 5 and grade 7 student

Level 1 Support

About this package:

This program supports families that prefer the freedom of time, learning styles and curriculum choices.

It is ideal for unschoolers or those with limited internet access.